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The second open meeting of the Welsh Assembly Cross Party Group on Co-operatives and Mutuals was held on September 29th in the Assembly Media Briefing Room.

The presentation was given by Glyn Thomas, Vice Chair of CDS Co-operatives on
“Keeping control of our lives – Mutual Housing for older people”.
This Report was presented as evidence to the Commission on Co-operative Housing, a UK wide study which reported earlier this year.

Glyn outlined his propsals for developing both Commonhold and fully Mutual Housing solutions for older people, as well as explaining and learning from some of the history of co-operative housing developments over the last century.

In particular he proposed the development of a specialist service in Wales to provide advice and guidance on the development of such schemes, which require government legislative support, but not necessarily government financial support, as they are based on the traditional co-operative principle of mutual self help.

The meeting was attended by 4 Assembly Members, David Melding AM (Chair), Jenny Randerson AM, Dr Brian Gibbons AM and Mark Isherwood AM together with 18 representatives from the co-operative and social housing movements.

Download Glyn’s presentation here Welsh Assembly Talk

Download Glyn’s Report here keeping control of our lives [Full Report]

Download the Commission Report here Co-operative Housing Commission Report

Download the Co-op party Report on Housing here New Foundations -Co-op Party Publications

More information on Glyn’s website

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