From Plunkett to the credit crunch


The Co-operative Forum (Northern Ireland) held an international conference, “From Plunkett to the credit crunch” at Trinity College, Dublin over the weekend of July 31st/August 1st 2010.

The conference welcomed over 50 delegates from across the British Isles and as far away as the ICA in Geneva to a wide ranging and well received series of presentations and discussions.

Subjects covered included:-

  • The relevance of Horace Plunkett today
  • Working with immigrant groups and ethnic minorities
  • Credit unions
  • Financial co-operatives
  • Ethical finance
  • Housing co-operatives
  • The Cross-party Groups in the devolved administrations
  • Co-operative developments across the island of Ireland

See the presentations below:-

Trinity Conference Programme July 2010

The Welsh Assembly Cross-Party Group on Co-operatives – Alex Bird, Dublin 2010

Co-operative Development for Immigrants – Iain MacDonald, Dublin 2010

Credit Unions – Developments in the role of supporting communities – Mark Bailey, Dublin 2010

The relevance of Horace Plunkett – Peter Couchman, Dublin 2010

National Association of Building Co-operatives – Bernard Thompson, Dublin 2010

The Middle Way – Ian Adamson

Credit Unions and Coop Electrical – Gavin Ewing

Time for Mutual Housing Solutions – Erskine Holmes

English and Scots Co-op influences on Irish Co-operative Movement – Erskine Holmes

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