Enterprise Hub funding increased

The Co-operative, Group has announced additional funding for a scheme designed to support a new co-operative business every day in 2011. The Group has an­nounced a 50% increase in its funding for The Co-op­erative Enterprise Hub, which was Iaunched in Wales at the Senedd last year – to £7.5m.

It has set a target of nur­turing more than 350 enter­prises across the UK throughout the year to create and grow thriving and sustainable com­munity-based co-operat­ives.

Peter Marks, Chief Executive of  The Co-op Group, said: “With flaws exposed in traditional busi­ness models, more and more people are recog­nising that there is an al­ternative which enables them to take a lead, and have a say in the running of businesses and services im­portant to their lives.

“The co-operative model offers an alternative way to do business and provides a robust approach to enter­prise that can help to re­store a lost sense of com­munity cohesion, and can contribute to the rebuilding of a more balanced and sustainable UK economy.”

The Co-operative Enter­prise Hub operates through a central website with a network of regional co-operative development specialists offering advice, training and guidance.  In Wales the contract is managed by the Wales Co-operative Centre and delivered by the consultancy.coop, a co-operative of specialist business consultants.

For more information visit: www.co-operative.coop/enterprisehub  or https://www.cooperatives-wales.coop/?page_id=273

To contact the consultancy.coop visit: www.consultancy.coop

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