Co-operation in the age of Google

What is the way forward for the co-operative sector?

Commissioned by Co-operatives UK, Robin Murray – a co-operative innovator and key thinker behind Fairtrade, Twin Trading and much more besides – has produced a radical vision of the how the co-operative sector can expand in the 21st Century.

Co-operation in the age of Google shows that we are living at a time of profound transformation. The information and communication revolution, widespread concerns about private sector greed, public sector finances and impending climate chaos present a wide range of possibilities for co-operative expansion.

But Robin says the co-operative sector is not yet in a position to make the most of these opportunities. It needs to be more innovative, more integrated, more internationalist, to get better infrastructure and to find ‘the idea’ that can mobilise support for co-operation.

The review proposes a series of practical initiatives for 2011 and 2012 to strengthen the co-operative sector.

In true co-operative fashion, a ‘beta version’ of this review is now open for comments, alternative suggestions, improvements, counter-arguments, examples and photos.

The beta version of this groundbreaking document can be accessed at

It can be viewed by everyone and commented by members of Co-operatives UK. Comments are open until 12 February 2011.

  • What do you think of the practical initiatives proposed to develop the sector?
  • Do you agree with the areas where the report suggests co-operative expansion is most likely?
  • What are your suggestions for developing co-operatives and innovation?
  • What is ‘the co-operative idea’?

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