www.shares.coop launches

consultancy.coop, a worker co-operative of third sector consultants which is a member of Co-operatives and Mutuals Wales and Co-operatives UK has launched a brand new service aimed at organisations that are raising investment funds through a Community Shares Issue


This is becoming an increasingly popular way to raise funds directly from the public, bypassing the tortuous process of grant and loan applications, and providing a direct democratic link to the individual investors.

The website is described by them as “A window shopping site – we don’t actually sell shares, but we enable people who want to invest to find what’s on offer and go directly there.
“There are many Community share issues that get publicity locally, but are to find out a bout if you’re not in the immediate area”.

consultancy.coop are proud to have got this initiative off the ground in Wales, and it is entirely self funding – in the spirit of co-operative community shares themselves.

To see what’s on offer, go to the site:- www.shares.coop

For further details on the consultancy.coop go to :- www.consultancy.coop

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