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A message from Euan Sutherland, Chief Executive of The Co-operative

We’d like your help in shaping the future of The Co-operative.

Even before the challenges of last year, I’d identified the need for change in order to make The Co-operative as relevant in the future as it was in the past. In May this year, I commit to share with you how we intend to achieve this.

As a member this is where you come in. Your views on the big questions we need to answer will ensure we get this right. Help shape the future.

We’ve asked YouGov, one of the most respected research organisations in the UK, to create an independent survey. This survey is broad-ranging: covering everything from what you’d like to see in our shops, through to how we distribute our profits and how we should play a more active role in your community.

It’ll take around 20 minutes to complete. I promise it will be time well spent as your views will truly help us re-shape the future of The Co-operative.

Please visit www.haveyoursay.coop as soon as you can.

On behalf of everyone at The Co-operative thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

With best wishes
Euan Sutherland
Group Chief Executive

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Alex Bird is an experienced co-operative searcher and activist. Follow him @coopalex3
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  1. J M Wyatt says:

    Dear Sirs
    I think the sum of more than £3 million to head the Co-op Bank is ridiculous. The head of John Lewis is paid less than £1 million, the Governor of the Bank of England is paid about £500,000. I do not believe that there is a shortage of people who believe in the principle of mutuality who would wish to head this organisation at a remuneration figure which is well in excess of what the workers are earning.
    I believe the principle of mutuality should be continued. I think it wrong that the hedge fund should be permitted to give us paper support and change the nature of the organisation. I have supported the Co-op Bank for more than 50 years and believe that the Cooperative movement should be the future not the past.
    I accept Mr Sutherland’s resignation and hope that he will make compensation to the Coop Group for his breach of contract.
    Yours sincerely
    J M Wyatt

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