Free .coop domain names



The International Co­-operative Alliance has developed a global co-­operative identity that ALL co­-operatives can align with and which differentiates us from other forms of business.

The .coop domain and Co-­operative Marque are symbols of the global co­-operative movement and our collective identity.  Together they help differentiate between a co-operative and investor or privately-owned business.  The domain .coop is reserved just for co-operatives and organisations that support co-operatives, and is FREE for the first year for new applicants.  The Co-operative Marque is the ethical badge that’s for co-ops for use alongside your own brand and it’s FREE to use.

Complete your co-operative identity today and join thousands of co-operatives in more than 100 countries who are proud of their co-operative identity by using a .coop domain and the Co-operative Marque.

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Alex Bird is an experienced co-operative searcher and activist. Follow him @coopalex3
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