Celebrate Robert Owen’s 250th Anniversary

Robert Owen (1771-1858) was a great man of history who pioneered modern socialism, the trade union and co-operative movements. He has never been given the recognition he deserved and many of his ideas from enlightening the “dark satanic mills” around the world to Early Years Education are still fresh today. His ideas have changed the world wide over. This is more than amply demonstrated by a series of excellent videos produced by aroundtheworld.coop

In this 250th anniversary ideas we are championing the idea of a national Robert Owen Day in our schools. We are very pleased that the Wales Co-operative Party have included this in their Welsh General Election Manifesto. Could other political parties please note!

It is not widely understood that co-operation goes well beyond ‘doing good’, ‘wellbeing’ or High Street shops & funeral parlours. At a time of rapacious capitalism Owen’s greatest legacy has been pioneering economic democracy and  Co-operative values in a rapidly changing world threatened by extinction.

Eddie Butler in his BBC Wales and history of the world series captures a brief picture of Owen from 12.16 to 15.29 minutes. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000qgnk/wales-and-the-history-of-the-world-series-1-4-ideas – you may need to register.

The Robert Owen Museum have crafted a well balanced contribution on Owen’s view of slavery which is well worth a read. https://www.robertowenmuseum.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Owen-and-Slavery.pdf

Shortly, we will be providing a listing of Robert Owen 250th anniversary events. If you plan an event, or require support please do get in touch.

About David Smith

David has been a life long co-operative activist. Recent experience includes: Co-operative Foundation Trustee (2014-2016); Co-operative Group Main Board, its Specialist Board and its National Values & Principles Committee (2014); Co-operative Group Ethics and Social Responsibility Committee (2015-2016); Co-operative Group Senate (2014-2015); Welsh Regional Board (2009-2014). Public service includes: Government Food Adviser (2000-2006); UK Healthcare Regulator (2003-2008) David directed the first EC funded Wales Anti-Poverty Programme; and pioneered Community Law Centres, Home Care and Repair, Community Housing Associations; local Co-op Development Agencies, multi purpose Social Co-operatives, Welsh Food Alliance & Wales Progressive Co-operators. Currently, Deacon at Canton Uniting Church Cardiff and Board Member, Newport Credit Union Board Member. David has a MA (European Human Resource Management) Keele; PGCE (FE) Cardiff; Special Diploma in Social Sciences (Ruskin College) and Professional Food & Management qualifications.
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