Building a Co-operative Country

Building a Co-operative Country
Principality Stadium, Cardiff
23 June 2017, 10:00 – 15:00

Join the Wales Co-operative Centre at this one day event to explore how we can build a culture that embeds co-operative and mutual principles and collaborative approaches in Welsh life.  Come together with members and directors, activists and CEOs from co-operatives large and small to discuss how we can promote and increase support for community and collective social, economic and environmental initiatives.

·         Hear from sector experts and those on the front line about the exciting developments in co-operatives and collaborative approaches across areas such as housing, social care and energy.

·         Discuss your ideas on how these can be further strengthened and expanded to help build a truly co-operative nation

·         Hear from policy makers about their visions and aspirations for the sector

·         Get together with other co-operators  to share experiences, ideas and get inspiration
The event is organised and hosted by the Mutuals Alliance.  The Mutuals Alliance brings together leading co-operative and mutual organisations across Wales and works towards growing the sector in Wales by creating a greater level of awareness about mutuals and the benefits they bring.
Tickets for this event cost £32+VAT.

To book your place at this event please visit

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